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Stress Management Workshop

Problem: Little to no access to mental health resources, despite increased stress in the campus community


Purpose & Method: Focus groups conducted to understand members of the campus community's (end users) symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Themes Emerged: 

  1. Emotion Regulation

  2. Physiological Symptoms

  3. Difficulty Concentrating

  4. Perceived Loss of Control

  5. Sleep & Appetite

  6. Maladaptive Thoughts

  7. Maladaptive Behaviors


Purpose & Method: Survey assessing campus community's (end user) preferred modality and topic focus for stress and anxiety management workshop. 

Outcome: Participants preferred an online asynchronous workshop that taught skills for tolerating stress and anxiety in the moment.


Purpose & Method: RCT assessing the preliminary effectiveness of an online asynchronous stress management workshop intervention teaching skills for emotion regulation and  physiological symptoms of stress

Outcome: Workshop reduced stress and increased self-efficacy to regulate stress at one-week follow-up

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