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LNT in Rock Climbers

Problem: Lack of awareness and adherence to Leave No Trace (LNT) principles in rock climbers, leading to negative environmental impacts.

Outcomes & Solutions: We conducted a between-subjects experiment to examine predictors of LNT adherence. Peer-driven social pressure emerged as predictor LNT adherence, leading us to recommend the use of community based education and social mentorship programs to increase LNT adherence.

Purpose & Method: Between-subjects experiment examining the impact of peer-driven social pressure on Leave No Trace (LNT) adherence in rock climbers using a vignette study design.

Outcome: Climbers were more likely to adhere to LNT behaviors when climbing partners encouraged LNT behaviors than when climbing partners were neutral. Additionally, while climbers perceive themselves to be knowledgeable about LNT practices, there is a gap in understanding how LNT specifically relates to the sport. 

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