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Hi. I'm Carol, an applied clinical & intervention scientist (PhD) with deep expertise in how people thrive, change, and engage during challenging or stressful circumstances. 

As an applied clinical & intervention scientist, I excel at developing and empirically testing targeted cognitive, behavioral, and social interventions that activate key mechanisms to elicit change. That is, I don't just figure out what needs to change. I also figure out how to change it in a targeted and science-driven way. I'm known for not only my scientific rigor, but also my ability to define and innovate on scientific methodology and practice in applied research settings, as well as my ability to communicate science to broad audiences.


I bring a similar lens to my work as a behavioral strategist, where I  help folks identify and overcome the specific organizational, sociocognitive, and psychological barriers that hinder business and professional growth. My approach is practical, focused, science-driven, and designed to create lasting change.

Currently, I am a principal research scientist in the Developer Success Lab, where I conduct, oversee, and disseminate research on improving Developer Experience in a human-centered and multi-systems way. I am also the lead behavioral strategist at Koehn Consulting, an IBHRI research fellow, and Bravely Mental Health's clinical science advisor.

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